Jacob Parmentier
Jacob Parmentier
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About Me

Jacobs work has been described as the EC comics of the art world. His depitcions of violence, fear, and terror have gained him some notoriety in the world of Horror publications and more recently in the underground music industry. His work has appeared in Sideshow Press Publications, Sams Dot Publishing, Citadel Press and others. Jacob has also produced works for bands such as Integrity, VVegas, Pale Creation, Withdrawal, The Infamous Gehenna, The Black Dahlia Murder, and the online music blog CVLT Nation. Jacob currently creates his work of damnation in a dark windowless studio in the quite corner of Connecticut.


Zombie CSU by Jonathan MaBerry
Wanted Undead or Alive
Black Ink Horror issues 1-6 including cover work for issue 2 and 6
Potters Field 1-2
Champagagne Shivers Magazine
Wicked Karnival
The Raw Meat Anthology
Death By Darkness by Michael Pennington
The Reverends Powder by Erik Williams

Music Industry

Various Works produced for A389 Records, TDON Records, Escapist Records,The Black Dahlia Murder, VVegas, Pale Creation, Withdrawal, Hollow Earth, Territory, Priapus, Unholy Majesty, Botfly, Pleasant Living, Integrity, Abraxis, Gehenna, Over the Top, Length Of Time, Sangharsha, Braindead, CVLT Nation
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